KNOX Knox Microlock Compact CE Level 2 Back Protector

KNOX Knox Microlock Compact CE Level 2 Back Protector

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Knox has been an industry leader in armor since 1981 when the founder invented the first back protector for himself and his fellow racers. The Knox Microlock Compact CE Level back protector are lighter and thinner than ever before, without sacrificing in protection. Designed to be stable at a wide range of temperatures where competitors often get stiff or start to crack, armor technology continues to improve at a rapid pace. A "have your cake and eat it to" solution, uncompromised protection and a profile that all but disappears in your clothing. 


  • Up to 60% thinner, low profile and more streamlined than before
  • A tough, durable Honeycomb structure, inspired by nature
  • Radically improved ventilation and breathability
  • Micro-Lock smart technology, soft to touch but locks when impacted, reducing energy transmission
  • Supple and tactile with excellent form recovery for all day comfort
  • Patented “Flex and Adapt” side closure system that is ergonomically designed to ensure uninterrupted impact performance in use
  • “Flex and Adapt” system ensures perfect integration in a garment with no unattractive bunching or folding 
  • 3D shape fits securely, engineered for unrestricted ease of movement with the body and to form a 3D shape with excellent form recovery
  • Consistent performance across the entire surface area
  • Aesthetically smooth chamfered edges on every protector
  • The result of 40 years of specialist garment and protector engineering from Knox
  • Part 501 450mm Long x 270mm Wide
  • Part 500 540mm Long x 320mm Wide

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